Writing Your Skeleton Draft

Discover this unique writing technique for pantsers and rebels to cure your writing block and finish your novel.

    Are you a "pantser" with an aversion to outlining your plots?

    Do you want to discover your characters and plot as you write?

    Are you looking for a way to push past writers' block and get your books written faster?

    Conventional writing wisdom says that if you plan in advance what you’re going to write, then you’ll be able to use this time efficiently.


    With an outline, you won’t stare at the blank screen thinking, “what will I write next?” You’ll know exactly where the story goes, what happens to your protagonist, and how everything is stitched up in the end.


    With an outline, you'll be able to write novels faster and rapid release them to indie success.


    Simple, right?


    Not if you're a pantser.


    Pantsers, (or discovery writers, or Gardeners) write novels "by the seat of our paints."


    We write our stories as they appear in our heads, without planning out the story or figuring out the plot twists in advance. We love discovering the plot as we go, surprising ourselves with the twists and turns, and being able to change the story or kill off a character on a whim.


    We don't WANT a plan.


    The idea of a plan makes us violently ill.


    However, without a plan, we often get stuck.


    Any of this sound familiar to you?


    Have you written yourself into a corner?

    Do you have no idea what's going to happen next in your story?

    Do you have lots of random scenes and no idea where they fit in your plot?

    Does your novel lack cohesion or structure?

    Do you have lots of scenes where characters wander around aimlessly?

    Do you feel a general sense of unease and panic when you think about your plot? 


    Maybe you've tried to force yourself to outline your books and fit into this mould of the successful indie author rapid releasing all over the show. Some pantsers even learn to enjoy outlining and plotting their books in advance (weirdos). 


    I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to outline to learn how to write faster and craft brilliant stories.


    There is another way. That way is the skeleton draft.


     I’m Steff Green – a USA Today bestselling and six-figure author of many, many, MANY paranormal romance and supernatural mystery novels under the name Steffanie Holmes. I write and publish approximately one book every 6-8 weeks, and a novel I wrote in three weeks was once 22 in the entire Amazon store


    I am also a pantser. 


    Or gardener. Or discovery writer. Or completely and utterly BONKERS. Whichever term you prefer for a writer who doesn’t write with a plan, that’s what I am. I’m the planless writer. And if you’re reading this, you probably are, too.


    I'm going to share with you the skeleton drafting technique I use as a pantser to streamline my writing process, create engaging characters and intricate plots readers LOVE, and have a shit-ton of fun while writing.


    All without resorting to an outline.


    Without changing what makes my stories unique.


    Without sacrificing the surprises, twists, and creativity that make writing so much fun.


    In Writing the Skeleton Draft, I'll help you uncover a new way to embrace the strengths of "pantsing",  get your books written faster, and push through the blocks and challenges that stall your writing.


    I'll give you the tools to tell your story the way you want, without having to stick to a bunch of restrictive 'story beats' or 'plotting templates.'


    In just three days you can go from a story idea to a fully fleshed-out skeleton draft.


    Skeleton drafting WORKS. I'm a successful, professional storyteller who's helped hundreds of other writers build their careers, quit their day jobs, and find their readers through my actionable advice.


    I'm here to tell you that you don't have to change what you love about writing to be successful.


    All you need is the skeleton draft.

    “I have 30 'first chapters' on my computer. I've never been able to finish anything because I can't write an outline. I thought I was just a terrible writer, but with Steff's course I've created a skeleton draft in just five days and had a blast doing it. Thank you, Steff, for showing me the way forward!"

    Alex, writer and dyed-in-the-wool pantser.

    Discover how to use a skeleton draft

    With 7 videos and 3 worksheets, I'll show you everything you need to know to create your own skeleton draft.

    • Exactly WHAT is a skeleton draft?

      I show you exactly how I use a 10-20k word skeleton draft to craft an intricate plot and engaging protagonist.

    • What you need before you begin

      The three key pieces of story information you need to know before you begin your skeleton draft.

    • The skeleton drafting process

      How to move from scene to scene in your draft with minimal information and no outline.

    • Troubleshooting your skeleton draft

      Got stuck? No worries. Here's how to solve the most common plot, character, and skeleton draft problems.

    • Refining and editing your draft

      How to polish your rough-and-ready skeleton draft into an actual book you're not terrified to show others.

    • Skeleton draft walkthrough

      In this video, I'll lift the curtain and show you the skeleton draft for a novel I wrote that's made me over $50,000. You'll see how I use the techniques in the course to build a bestselling book.

    “I've just skeleton drafted my book in 3 days and I already have 20k of my novel written. Steff you are a literal genius.”

    Miranda, pantser and Amazon bestselling author.

    Here's what you'll learn

    Take this course and...

    • Discover your strengths

      Instead of seeing "pantsing" as a disadvantage, embrace what makes your writing unique.

    • Finish the damn book!

      Let's do this! Hundreds of authors write "the end" on their manuscript thanks to skeleton drafting. Let's make your author dreams come true.

    • Learn to write faster

      Get your book written faster without resorting to "outlining" – perfect for indie authors who rapid-release!

    • Trust your writing process

      Gain the confidence that you have all the elements in place for a story readers will LOVE.

    “Steff's advice made me feel confident in my own ideas and helped me create a character that readers adore. I owe my bestselling book to her plotting system.”

    Carrie, Plotting student and USA Today bestselling author


    It's time to embrace the chaos of your writing process

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