Join bestselling indie author Steff Green for the Rage Against the Manuscript podcast, where we explore how to tell your story, find your readers, and build a badass author brand.

Dig into writing, self-publishing, and marketing on the Rage Against the Manuscript podcast

A new episode is going up every week. In each episode, I'll answer a writing or self-publishing question or tell you about an experiment I'm doing or a new resource or an idea that's floating around in my head.


This podcast is not perfect. If you expecting slick production and fancy graphics you will be sorely disappointed. One thing I believe wholeheartedly is that perfectionism is the enemy of getting shit done, and I don't want to sit on this waiting to get better at production. I'm going to learn on the job.


That's what the podcast is all about - learning on the job. I'll talk a lot about things that have gone wrong and what I've learned from that. Later I'll start getting guests on who'll talk about other aspects of self-publishing I can't cover.


If you've got a question or topic you'd like me to cover in the podcast, shoot me an email or sing out in the Rage Against the Manuscript FB group. I'd love to hear what you think!

Featured episode

Check out the very first episode of the Rage Against the Manuscript podcast – all about the time I blew over $1000 on advertising, and how you can make sure your books are ready to invest in paid ads.


New Episode coming soon

Another week, another podcast of me rambling on about writing and self-publishing.


Understanding reader behaviour

We look at who are our readers, how they choose books, and how we as self-publishers can use this information to give them more of what they CRAVE.


Diversifying your writing income

How do writers earn a liveable income? What are some ways you can increase your income from writing, and how can you do that in a strategic way?


Rewriting and republishing a previous book

We all have unfinished series or books we feel didn’t get the chance to shine. I offer some tips for giving those neglected books a second life.


How to write a book in a month

I talk about how, and why, to write a book in a month, from draft right through to editing and publishing, and the wider strategy.


Writing and publishing short fiction

This episode is for you if you love writing short, but you don’t know how to fit short fiction into your writing career. 


Advertising your books – one author's perspective

Discover the three platforms you can use for advertising your books, and how to create an ad strategy that works?


Write one book series at once, or jump between projects?

Let’s talk about series strategy, author branding, and the 75% rule when it comes to deciding how to write your series.


Working with other authors is awesome, and you should try it

Other authors aren’t scary – they’ll be your biggest allies and cheerleaders. Here are my ideas for working with other authors.


Front and backmatter – what to put in your book to increase sellthrough

This episode takes a look at best practices for adding extra “stuff” to your books.


Kindle Unlimited or Wide?

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of being exclusive with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited programmes verses taking your books wide across all platforms.


Case study – launching a book in a new sub-genre

walk you through how I launched a series into a new sub-genre, exactly what I did for the launch, and how much money I earned. 


Planning your writing and publishing strategy for 2021

Reflect on what’s working in your author business and what you can change up to have an amazing 2021.


Christmas and holiday book promotions for any budget

 I thought I’d put together some promotional ideas to help you prep new readers over the holiday period. 


Tips for writing compelling characters

In this episode I discuss some of the ways you can build the kinds of characters that keep pages turning and readers guessing.


Ask Me Anything: Editing, categories and keywords, and balancing creativity and business

This week I tackle your questions in an absolute whopper of an episode.


Branding mistakes authors make (and how to fix 'em)

What exactly is your author brand, and what are the common mistakes authors make that can tank their brand? 


Smart worldbuilding tips for writing fiction

We dive deep into fictional worlds, share how I build my worlds, and discuss common worldbuilding pitfalls.


Writing tropes to supercharge your fiction and create reader-crack

As a clever author you can use tropes to create stories that attract your ideal readers. Find out how.


Outlining your novel with the skeleton draft

I explain how I use the technique of skeleton drafting to plot intricate, action-packed, emotionally-charged books, and how you can apply it to your own stories.


Steff's guide to freelance writing success (and failure)

Celebrate the release of my new book with this run-down of how freelancing can be part of your sustainable writing career.


Successful crowdfunding for authors on Kickstarter and Patreon

Are you considering crowdfunding your book? Learn from my successes and failures. 


How to market your book on a cheap-ass budget

How do you build an audience of readers when you don’t have a huge marketing budget? Here are my tips. ​


Why isn't my book selling?

I explore five ways you could be sabotaging your book, and what you can do about it.


Who should you listen to for publishing advice?

If you ask a question about self-publishing and get a million different answers, what do you try next?


Is blogging dead?

I made a pretty bold statement a couple of weeks back that I believe blogging is dead. I'm gonna talk about that in greater depth here – if you're a blogger, fear not, I have some tips for you.


What's life like as a full time author?

In this episode I chat about what I've learned in the last two years of being full-time, and about some of the pitfalls and potential trouble spots I didn't anticipate.


How to write faster without sacrificing story

This week's episode is all about being a speed freak! Discover why you should master the skill of writing faster, what to do when you hit the "wall of suckage" and how to stop doing the hard work of writing in the most time-consuming way.


The method behind my author website madness

I recently rebuilt my author website from scratch. Why do I hate myself so much? Also, do I have any tips to share? 


How to build a mailing list when you don't have readers

It's a chicken-and-egg scenario. Mmmm, chicken. I share my tips and experiences for getting started with author newsletters.


What you can learn from my biggest book advertising mistake

Discover how I threw $1000 down the toilet on advertising my books, and what you can learn about getting your book advertising ready.

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New Episode coming soon

Another week, another podcast of me rambling on about writing and self-publishing.


New Episode coming soon

Another week, another podcast of me rambling on about writing and self-publishing.


New Episode coming soon

Another week, another podcast of me rambling on about writing and self-publishing.


New Episode coming soon

Another week, another podcast of me rambling on about writing and self-publishing.


New Episode coming soon

Another week, another podcast of me rambling on about writing and self-publishing.


New Episode coming soon

Another week, another podcast of me rambling on about writing and self-publishing.