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I'm Steff Green, a bestselling six-figure indie author. Once upon a time, I collected rejection letters.


From publishers. From agents. From my university magazine riddled with grammatical errors. From random people in the street. Just about everyone you could possibly imagine who worked with books told me I wasn't good enough. I hadn't written a winner.


Rejected. Disheartened. Questioning your worth as a writer – does that sound like you?


I decided it was time to take my writing career into my own hands and self-publish my books. The results... well, you'll see...


Since 2015 I've published over 40 books, hit bestseller lists, and seen my novels in the hands of tens of thousands of readers across the world. I've appeared on TV and in international media talking about my publishing journey. I've been invited to speak all over the world. Most importantly, I've had readers email me to tell me how much my work means to them.


I'm here to tell you that you don't have to give up on your dreams of becoming a published author.


There is another way.

Over four years and more than 40 books, I've honed my process into an 11-step plan I believe can help any author achieve success. 


I'm sharing that plan so that you can tell your story, find your readers, and build a badass author brand.

Inspired by my popular book, How to Rock Self-Publishing (the course) gives you all the tools, advice, and encouragement you need to go from writing THE END to holding a copy of your book in your hands.


By using my 11-step method for self-publishing success, you’ll elbow your doubts in the face, stomp on the guesswork, and learn how to:


From manuscript to published book

The nuts and bolts of self-publishing all in one easy place where you can access them anytime.

  • Define your genre and audience

    Figure out who will want to read your book and how to make it appealing to them.

  • Get your book ready to publish

    All the info you need to format your books for uploading to Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and more.

  • Publishing in multiple formats

    Ebook. Paperback. Audio. Limited edition. Subscription boxes.  Crowdfunding. Serials. All your options with tips on how to rock each one.

  • Packaging your book to sell

    Nailing your cover, blurb, title, and pricing to give your book maximum visibility.

  • Building your author brand

    How to present yourself to the world to get readers coming back for more.

  • Reviews and ARC teams

    Smash your release day goals when you launch with a horde of glowing reviews.

  • Rock your mindset

    The difference between a successful author and a wannabe is mindset – my tricks to whip your brain into shape.

  • Find and delight your readers

    How to engage readers so that you can keep promoting books to them again and again.

From published book

to real-life author

What the other courses won't tell you: how to set yourself on the path to writing success.

over 40

hours of content on self-publishing

100% risk free

30-day money back guarantee for all students.


access to updates and course materials.

10+ hours

of interviews with successful


  • Define your measure of success and set attainable goals.


  • Create an exciting author brand you want to write under forever.


  • Tame your monkey mind and consolidate your gazillion ideas into a solid plan.


  • Choose the best platforms, editors, designers, and tools to create a high-quality book.


  • Plan a compelling book series in any genre that will have your readers chomping for more.


  • Write faster, release more often, and enjoy what you create.


  • Spot trends and gaps in the market where you can add your unique voice.


  • Publish your book in print, ebook, and audio with all the nuts and bolts.


  • Launch with a BANG! – including handy launch checklists.


  • Create an engaging author platform to turn your readers into lifelong fans.


  • Find unique and emerging opportunities in self-publishing to build your audience and earn a living.


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