Tell your story, find your readers, and build a badass author brand.

Take your book from idea to published product in this complete guide to everything you need to know about self-publishing, all wrapped up with a little punk rock attitude. 

Do you have a story you’re bursting to tell the world?


Are you sick of being rejected by the publishing establishment?


Do you want to inject a little punk rock, DIY ethos into your indie author career?

I'm Steff Green, a bestselling indie author – and I used to be just like you.


When I first started self-publishing, I had to learn everything from scratch. There was so much to figure out and I didn't know where to begin. I made so many mistakes on my first few releases because I didn't know better – mistakes that meant those books never sold as well as they could.


That's why I wrote this book. I want to give you the plan and the tools right from the beginning to make the process easy and ensure your books attract the right readers.


Over four years and more than 40 books, I've honed my process down to an 11-step plan I believe can help any author achieve success. In How to Rock Self-Publishing, I share that plan with your so that you can tell your story, find your readers, and build a badass author brand.

Discover the nitty-gritty of self-publishing

Through examples from my own experiences, step-by-step instructions, checklists, and case studies of real-life self-pub success, I take you through all the most-asked questions and common stumbling blocks of self-pub.


Inside How to Rock Self-Publishing, you'll discover how to:

  • Define your measure of success and set attainable goals.


  • Create an exciting author brand you want to write under forever.


  • Tame your monkey mind and consolidate your gazillion ideas into a solid plan.


  • Choose the best platforms, editors, designers, and tools to create a high-quality book.


  • Plan a compelling book series in any genre that will have your readers chomping for more.


  • Write faster, release more often, and enjoy what you create.


  • Spot trends and gaps in the market where you can add your unique voice.


  • Publish your book in print, ebook, and audio with all the nuts and bolts.


  • Launch with a BANG! – including handy launch checklists.


  • Create an engaging author platform to turn your readers into lifelong fans.


  • Find unique and emerging opportunities in self-publishing to build your audience and earn a living.


Plus, check out these


I want you to get the absolute most out of How to Rock Self-Publishing, so I've created these four bonuses.


These are ONLY available through the official Rage Against the Manuscript website. If you download now, you'll get all four bonuses delivered straight to your device along with the book.

  • Book launch checklist

    Handy timeline and checklist for a successful book launch, every time.

  • Backlist tipsheet

    20 tips to instantly improve sales to your backlist books.

  • Contractor tipsheet

    Use these tips to hire the right editor, designer, ad specialist, and more.

  • 10 essential tools

    My choices for top 10 tools to help you build your audience and manage your author career.

Thousands of books are published every day.


Make yours stand out.