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Here's what you'll learn

Inside the book

You're embarking on an adventure full of intrigue and danger and flesh-eating dragons and hot, roadside tavern wenches who try to lure you off-course with their feminine wiles. My book, Unleash the Beast: Releasing Your Inner Writing Monster, will help you stay the course. You'll discover:

  • Behind every serious writer is a solid process

    With a creative process that fits your personality, you'll be able to work through anything life throws at you, including aforementioned flesh-eating dragons.

  • Unleash a bestseller mindset

    How to let go of the fear of sharing your work and invite opportunities into your life.

  • How to nurture your creative voice

    We'll explore the techniques I use alongside those of other successful authors to feed the inner creative beast 

  • How you can rock a writing career

    How to go from being a hobby writer to getting paid work, selling books, and building a fun and successful writing business.


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