Pitch editors, find clients, get paid for your words, and build a badass writing career.

Your complete guide to everything you need to know about freelance writing, all wrapped up with a little punk rock attitude. 

Want to earn money from your writing in a way that’s fast, fun, and reliable? 


Are you excited to build a brand as an expert in your niche?


Are you ready to take the plunge to writing full-time, but don’t know where to begin?

I'm Steff Green, a bestselling author and veteran freelance writer – and I used to be just like you.


When I first started writing, I was determined to make this my career, but I had no idea how writers actually earned a living – let alone a reliable living. 


I had to unlearn so many ingrained writing habits and rethink how I engaged with media. I had no idea where to begin and no one to help me. I made so many mistakes, including sending the most cringeworthy pitches to editors. I can't believe I ever managed to get my first gig!


But I got it, and another one, and another one. And over time, I built a sustainable and exciting career as an author that had me writing about gothic corsets, interviewing bands at a German music festival, being thrown in the deep-end at a tech startup, and having an absolute blast.


I wrote How to Rock Freelance Writing as a guide to help you do your writing career YOUR way. You get to choose the path you're going to follow, and how you'll achieve your own dreams. I'm giving you the map to help you get there.


I want to give you the plan and the tools right from the beginning to build your badass writing career.  Over a decade and more than 3000 articles, blog posts, ebooks, websites, and product descriptions, I've honed my process down to an 7-step plan I believe can help any writer achieve success. 


In How to Rock Freelance Writing, I share that plan with you.

Get in the trenches of freelance writing

Through examples from my own experiences, step-by-step instructions, checklists, and case studies of real-life writing success, I take you through all the most-asked questions and common stumbling blocks for writers getting started or building a freelance career.


Inside How to Rock Freelance Writing, you'll discover how to:

  • Define your measure of success and set attainable goals.


  • Focus on the writing jobs, publications, and niches that excite you.


  • Use the 7-step method to generate ideas, create articles, and sell more words for more money.


  • Land the best gigs with your dream publications and clients with clever pitching and insider tips.


  • Sell one piece of writing over again to double and triple your income.


  • Find unique and emerging opportunities to build your audience and earn a living.


  • Research, plan, and format different types of articles for print and web.


  • Write faster, get recurring work from existing clients and editors, and enjoy what you create.


  • Spot trends and gaps in the market where you can add your unique voice.


  • Find (and get) the most lucrative freelance jobs before they’re even advertised.


  • Create an engaging platform to create your own products and services.


  • Build a sustainable long-term career as a freelance writer.


Plus, check out these


I want you to get the absolute most out of How to Rock Freelance Writing, so I've created these four bonuses.


These are ONLY available through the official Rage Against the Manuscript website. If you download now, you'll get all four bonuses delivered straight to your device along with the book.

  • 25 markets who want writers

    25 markets you can pitch articles to right now. Get your words in print!

  • Productivity hacks tipsheet

    Organise your writing life with these 10 productivity hacks

  • Top clients tipsheet

    10 tips to find – and keep – higher paying freelance clients

  • Full-time writing prep

    Are you ready to take the plunge to full-time writing?

Discover how you can get paid to write, and build a successful author brand.