10 reasons freelance writing rocks, and you should give it a whirl.

I launched a new book this week – How to Rock Freelance Writing.


You might be wondering why I chose this as the topic for my next non-fiction writing book. The truth is, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for freelance writing. I definitely believe that as writers, if you want this to be your full-time career, it's great - especially in the beginning - to have a lot of different tools in the toolbox to help you hit your goals. 


Freelancing is one such tool. Having regular clients each month enabled me to quit my job and make up the income we needed to stay afloat. I spent a decade doing freelance work on the side of my day job and my novel writing, and it gave me unique skills and contacts and the ability to position myself to leave my job when I did. And I want you to have the same opportunities.


Here are 10 reasons I think freelance writing is an awesome skill to learn:


1. Build your chops. Honing writing skills across different formats is never a waste. The skills you learn as a freelance writer will make a positive impact on your authoring, and your authoring will give you a unique selling-point as a freelancer.


2. Do it on the side for extra cash. It can be tough on full-time freelancers out there right now with uncertainty in the job market. However, as a part-time freelancer you can take advantage of the freedom to choose your own clients and pitch exciting work to take on a few extra jobs around your day job. Sock the money away to help your family or save for the day you can quit the job for real. 


3. Flexible hours, flexible work. With freelancing where you control your schedule, you have the flexibility to take on additional work when you have extra time or need the cash, and pull back when you want to focus on other things. You can fit the writing in around your other commitments, although you have to be strong and upfront with clients or it can end up the opposite way around.


4. It's low emotional risk. Writing articles and websites and blog posts for other people is a great low-risk way of seeing your work through the publication process and getting used to criticism and feedback.


5. Experience running a business. One of the biggest things authors tell me when they quit their day job or their writing starts to take off is how big the struggle of learning to be a business owner can set them back. As a freelancer you are a business owner from the get-go, and you'll learn a ton about client management, working within briefs, running a business, cashflow, all the nitty-gritty stuff.


6. Make mistakes and learn. As a freelancer, you can make the mistakes you need to make in order to grow, and you can usually make them early in your career. If you lose a client, it's okay, because there are plenty 


7. Dive deep into marketing. Because so much freelance writing work is marketing for other companies, you're basically able to get a crash course in marketing... and have someone pay you for the privilege. I never went to school for marketing, but I spent so many years writing marketing materials for companies and learning from their campaigns that I came out the other side knowing EXACTLY how to run a newsletter and market my books. 


8. Start building a platform. If you focus on specific topics, you can start to build yourself a name as an expert in a certain niche, well before you've finished your book. This means you'll start from a strong position with an engaged audience when it's time to hit publish.


9. It's quick to get started. You don't need any equipment or any additional team members on board to make a start. Unlike self-publishing where you first need to write a book (a huge time commitment) with freelance writing you can start sourcing assignments without writing a single article. (I show you how in the book). 


10. It's fun! I love being able to write articles about things that interest me and talk about topics I might not necessarily cover for my own audiences. Freelancing is a fun and simple way to start earning money from your writing. 


Are you convinced? 


In my brand new book, How to Rock Freelance Writing, I show you how to find clients, pitch editors, and build a badass author brand – all with the goal of getting you paid for your words.


Freelance writing for publications and clients can offer you regular work and an additional income stream to help you hit your writing goals faster. In addition, it can help you build your brand as an author and grow your audience and reputation.


As a freelance writer you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your measure of success and set attainable goals.

  • Choose the types of freelance writing that appeal to you.

  • Use the 7-step method to generate ideas, create articles, and sell more words for more money.

  • Land the best gigs with your dream publications and clients with clever pitching and insider tips.

  • Sell one piece of writing over again to triple your income.

  • Research, plan, write, and format different types of articles for print and web.

  • Write faster, get recurring work from existing clients, and enjoy what you create.

  • Find (and win) the most lucrative freelance jobs before they’re even advertised.

  • Double your income with simple hacks.

  • Create an engaging platform to offer your own products and services.

  • Find unique and emerging opportunities in freelancing to build your audience and earn a living.

  • Build a sustainable long-term income as a freelance writer.

  • PLUS, get 60 writing prompts to inspire ideas for your first freelance piece.

I break down the 7-step process that’s seen me go from failed archaeologist and obscure music blogger to a successful freelancer and USA Today bestseller with a six-figure income and over 3000 articles in print and online.


(Yes, that 3000 is not a typo. I added it up about 5 years ago so it's even more now).


With dozens of examples and real-talk from my own career, I want you to come away from reading this book knowing that imagination, creativity, and perseverance can help you achieve your writing dreams. 


How to Rock Freelance Writing isn’t just a book about selling articles to magazines or working with clients, it’s about grabbing your dreams by the balls, living faster, harder and louder, and cranking your art up to 11.


    "Freelancing is a fun and simple way to start earning money from your writing."

    Steff Green

    Writer and publishing coach.


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