EPISODE 30: Understanding reader behaviour

Welcome to the Rage Against the Manuscript podcast. In this episode we look at who are our readers, how they choose books, and how we as self-publishers can use this information to give them more of what they CRAVE.


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In this episode:

  • The three types of fiction readers and how they choose and purchase books.

  • How to create loyal readers.

  • Do readers always tell the truth? The answer may surprise you.

  • How to use reviews to study readers.

  • How readers show you what they want.

    “Readers are series-loyal first, genre-loyal second, and author-loyal a distant third."

    Steff Green

    Author of How to Rock Self-Publishing.

    If you've got a question you want to ask me about self-publishing or writing or building a career as an author, head over to the Rage Against the Manuscript FB group or email me steff@rageagainstthemanuscript.com and I’ll talk about it on a future episode. Happy writing! 


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