EPISODE 11: Steff's guide to freelance writing success (and failure)

Welcome to the Rage Against the Manuscript podcast. To celebrate the release of my new book, How to Rock Freelance Writing, I give you a run-down of all the mistakes I’ve made over my freelance career, and how you can use freelancing as part of a sustainable writing career.


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In this episode:

  • How novel writers built a sustainable career when self-publishing wasn't an option.

  • How freelance writing is a powerful tool in your toolbox of building a career, no matter what type of author you are.

  • The one thing I did that completely tanked my freelance career.

  • What you need to account for if you're going to run a sustainable business.

  • How to make freelance writing work for you, and not the other way around.

  • On getting the balance right. 

  • Why I said no to a great job just last month.

    "I realised I didn't want to be a brick in the wall. I wanted to BUILD the wall."

    Steff Green

    Author of How to Rock Self-Publishing.

    If you've got a question you want to ask me about self-publishing or writing or building a career as an author, head over to the Rage Against the Manuscript FB group or email me steff@rageagainstthemanuscript.com and I’ll talk about it on a future episode. Happy writing! 


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