Author mentoring

I work with writers in many different genres to grow their careers, define their branding, and get excited about the future.

Author mentoring in 2021

I’m excited to be able to offer a range of private and small-group author mentoring in 2021. If you ever wanted an author mentor to help you build a strategy and slap a metaphorical ruler over your wrist when you slack off, I’m the lass for you. 

Budget option for ongoing mentoring

Small group author mentoring

This is a budget-friendly mentoring programme for small groups of authors in the same genre. Gather your closest author buddies, and we’ll level up together.

Your personal cheerleader

One-to-one author coaching

This is my most exciting offering. It includes a two-hour private strategy session focused around your goals and plan for 2021. Then, each month, you’ll get an hour on the phone with me - just the two of us (and my cats).


We’ll talk about how things are going and adjust the plan on the fly. You'll get personal support and advice throughout the year. 

    A single strategy session to rock 2021

    Author strategy sesh

    In this session, we’ll create a strategy for author success in 2021.


    We’ll define a strategy for 2021, including quick wins, launches, productivity, promo, branding, and a plan of attack for the first quarter of the year. 

    You’ll leave this session buzzing with all the possibilities!


    This session is ideal for authors serious about pursuing writing to market and self-publishing for profit. 

      Get clarity on a specific issue

      One-off coaching call

      Do you want advice on a specific book launch, marketing event, box set, or other burning question? 


      Need productivity hacks to get you to write THE END?


      For this session, you get an hour on Zoom with me where we can focus on one problem area of your author business.


      Includes a 15-min follow up.

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      • How to build a successful and productive writing process.

      • How to explore and nurture your unique writing voice.

      • How to rock a badass writing career and strive for your goals.