Hi, I'm Steff

I'm a USA Today bestselling author, publishing coach, and heavy metal maiden.

I'd love to help you rock your writing career.

I always wanted to be a writer. But my growing pile of rejection letters said "you don't have what it takes."

As I've been legally-blind since birth, I've dealt with rejection my whole life. Kids bullying me because I was different. Lecturers and employers locking me out of opportunities because they didn't want to "deal" with my disability.


I could have given up. That would have been much easy. Instead, I kept writing. And when Amazon introduced their self-publishing platform, I started putting my work out in the world.


Surprise! People liked it. 


So I kept writing and publishing and dreaming and doing. Now, I'm a USA Today bestselling author with a multi six-figure income. I write tales of the paranormal, dark, gothic, and fantastical for thousands of readers across the world who never tell me I can't write because of my eyes.


I'm obsessed with helping other writers to find their voice, smash through the gatekeepers, and discover the badassitry of putting their work directly into the hands of readers. 

What you need to know about Steff

Vitally important facts about me.

  • I love cats! Also, brewing my own mead, travel, hiking, reading, gardening, eating new and interesting things, walking around cemeteries, and discovering ancient cultures and unexplained happenings.

  • I am legally-blind and completely colour-blind. My world is literally 50 shades of grey!

  • I'm obsessed with heavy metal, and I travel all over the world to see my favourite bands.

  • I received the 2017 Attitude Award for Artistic Achievement, and in 2018 I was a finalist for a NZ Women of Influence award.

  • I write gothic and paranormal romance as Steffanie Holmes, and I am a USA Today bestselling author. I also publish weird fiction and non-fiction writing guides as Steff Green.

  • My rules for life: if you're not having a blast, what are you even doing? When all else fails, be kind. People who tell you NO are a  direct challenge from the universe. Life's an adventure. It will all work out okay in the end, and if it doesn't – you're not at the end.

Why Rage Against the Manuscript Exists

Rage Against the Manuscript started as a small Facebook group, and it's grown into this amazing thing!


After I started talking about my writing success and sharing tips and ideas, authors would come to me after events or message me asking for advice. I wanted to help everyone, but I am only one person! I decided to create a place where I could help lots of people all at once.


Throughout my career, people have taken time out to mentor me and point me toward the next steps. I wouldn't be where I am today without the kindness of the authors who came before.


Rage Against the Manuscript is my way to pay-it-forward. On this site you'll find a ton of free tips, advice, and guides. The Facebook group is still hopping, and if you're feeling extra enthusiastic, you can pick up a copy of How to Rock Self-Publishing or join one of my courses.

    Say hi!

    Get in touch

    I love hearing from readers, authors, and other peeps in the industry. Get in touch at steff@rageagainstthemanuscript.com for:

    • Podcast interviews. I love chatting on podcasts about writing, publishing, and building a successful author career.

    • Publishing projects through traditional publishers or collaborations with other indie authors.

    • Press, media, and sponsorship. I'd love to chat to you about feature articles, interviews, and potential sponsorship opportunities.

    • Private coaching. I do a limited amount of private coaching and my calendar is usually full, but if you're interested it won't hurt to get in touch.

    • Speaking and workshops I'd love to speak at your event about self-publishing, building a sustainable career as an author/artist, author mindset, gothic themes in fiction, disability, diversity and feminism, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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